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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Servicing and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers. Covered by the Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 it became a legal requirement to provide appropriate Fire fighting equipment where there is a risk of life.

Nearly 20,000 commercial fires each year – highlighting the importance of suitable fire fighting equipment.

Business owners and managers are responsible for carrying out a fire safety risk assessment and implementing and maintaining a fire management plan.

Since the law is not prescriptive in many areas, the fire safety risk assessment is crucial, and applies to all businesses, however small. Failure to protect staff by providing appropriate equipment could lead to prosecution and refusal of insurance pay-outs, apart from injury and loss of life.

The provision and maintenance of fire extinguishers is also covered by BS5306, which gives guidelines as to which extinguishers to use where and on what type of fire, but also allows an element of choice. The regulations state that a minimum of two Class A fire extinguishers on every floor of a building are needed, unless the premises are very small, in which case one may be acceptable.

To comply with fire extinguisher regulations, extinguishers should be either fixed to the wall, or attached to a stand.

Do I need to get my extinguisher serviced if I just brought them?

Yes - each extinguisher requires commissioning by a qualified engineer to ensure that the unit you have purchased is in correct working order and suitable for the environment its located in.

How often do I need to get my extinguisher serviced?

Extinguishers need to be serviced annually as a minimum or when moved sites as part of the Regulatory Reform Act of 2005.

Do I need fire extinguishers?

The Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 stipulates that extinguishers are needed in all public buildings or work places and a minimum fire coverage of 13A is required. If you are a rental property this will be dictated by property size and council regulations.

Do my extinguishers last forever?

Unfortunately, not Fire Extinguishers have a life span before they require a Full Extended Service or replacement. This is 5 years for water/foam/powder and 10years for Co2 units. However if the units are damaged or used then they need replacing with immediate effect.

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