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Fire Alarm Maintenance

The UK government recommends that all fire alarm and detection systems should be installed and maintained in accordance with the relevant British Standard, BS 5839 and in conjunction with the Regulatory Reform Act 2005.

Twice a year (at the minimum) we will arrange for service visits to be carried out at a time that is convenient for you. This will include battery testing and functionality testing on all alarms and devices offering a full report and recommendation service.

Your fire alarm system has been installed to protect you and your building. Its’ imperative that this system functions properly in the event of a fire, acting as an early warning system and enabling safe and evacuation.

You have a legal obligation to ensure that this detection system is in good working order and adheres to current regulatory standards.

A-Ok will make servicing your fire alarm panel an effortless legal obligation for you. Our trained engineers will carry out your servicing in accordance with BS5839-1 and offer you a cost effective way to ensure your sounders will activate if needed, giving you peace of mind.

We can provide you with routine bi-annual alarm testing & servicing.

Why do I need a service at least twice per year?

It is recommended under BS5839 that fire alarm system should be serviced every 6 months or quarterly depending upon your Fire Risk Assessment, this is alongside weekly tests carried out by the building occupants.

What will the engineer check?

The engineer will check for all alarm sensors are working and in accordance with manufacturer spec, this will be via a stimulus. They will also check decibel levels if you have sleeping occupants. Battery levels and conditions are also vital to check every 6 months for deterioration and charge capacity.

How often should I test my alarm?

The building occupant should check their fire alarm once a week at a set time and inform the staff of these, they should also check different call points each work as opposed to the same one all the time. Full fire drills should be practised at least once a year and the results recorded as such.

How long do batteries last in my panel?

The batteries in your fire alarm panel need to be changed every 4 years and if there is no install sate on the batteries it is assumed they are older than the 4 years and need to be changed on the service.

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